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NED Raar


89 NED Caroline Visser Katniss
84 NED Anky Scheepers Trim
82 NED Wendy Bronsdijk Ross
81 NED Paul Kok Elmo
79 NED John Jansen Close
77 NED Yvonne Duyn Shay
74 NED Maco Hoogenboom Tod
71 NED Jack Duijf Kes
69 Peter Lankhuijzen Cain
68 NED Jan Passchier Tune
68 NED Caroline Visser Nan
68 NED Sylvia Passchier Bigcityborders Jino
67 NED Inge Gerrits Sil
67 NED Maartje Gotink Kate
66 G. Bonouvrie Cara
63 Cor Gerritse Toll
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BEL Hoogstraten


99 BEL Johan Blockx Meg
81 BEL Yuna Himschoot Luke
80 NED Jetty Roos Pip
47 Gert Krols Nip
0 BEL Eugeen Kennes Kemi Jed
0 BEL Antoine Cools Usk
0 BEL Chris Caerts Mac
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BEL Kalmthout

Belgian Open

234 FRA Nicolas Annaloro E' time
202 NED Eric Groot Lad
198 FRA Josien Guillaume Llanfarian Queen
194 BEL Eliane Verboven Mona
160 NED Ernest Smeenk Conquest Jethro
0 NED Piet Heuvelman Gypsy
0 ITA Adriano Miclaucich Gipsy
0 ESP Oscar Murguia Spot
0 BEL Eliane Verboven May Ellis
0 NED John Pluta Nick
0 FRA Nicolas Annaloro Pearl
0 BEL Patrick Vets Jack
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Sheep Sense rating

The Sheep Sense rating rates the performance of handler and dog at sheepdog trials

The rating is calculated to reflect the relative succes of a handler and dog team. Individual ratings are derived from team ratings

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